Few artists offer as compelling a narrative of heartache and hope as Denver-based songwriter Vincent Colbert. “For all their vulnerability, his songs exhibit a fierce resilience to life’s struggles,” says Joshua Pickard of  

2015 saw the release of Colbert’s debut EP, “Stranger in My House.” The album was lauded by For Folk’s Sake as a “scorched beauty,” one for fans of both Ryan Adams and Dylan LeBlanc, yet noting that “Signs are promising that Colbert has the ability to stand outside of any comparisons.”   

Expanding his sound to include more full-band arrangements, Colbert released his first full-length album, “Unwind,” in 2016. “It’s an album meant to relax and pull you out of your seat all at once” writes EarToTheGround. “There’s a delicacy in both Colbert’s songwriting and delivery. Even once the ‘big’ sound comes in…it does so with a sweeping passion.”  

Colbert’s work as a songwriter was recognized in 2016 as a finalist in the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, and as an honorable mention in 2017. He was also featured on American Songwriter’s “Daily Discovery.”  

In what would become his most personal and affecting album to date, Colbert released the EP “Dark Days” in 2017. EarToTheGround highlights the “healing in these sounds; the harmonies, melodies, and beautiful execution (that) remind us that love will prevail.”

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There is healing in these sounds; the harmonies, melodies, and beautiful execution are part of what should remind us that love will prevail”

Ear to the Ground